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This blog is a three-part series that has been written by video game developer, Joey Dieterlen. Part 1 and 2 will be released on 5/13/17. EGL Championship Participants: Your knowledge of this blog series will be put to the test. #playformore 

Part 1

Hello! I’m Joey Dieterlen and i’m an independent game designer. I graduated from IUPUI with a degree in Media Arts and Science. Right now, i’m working on a 2D Platformer. I want to give you some background on my team and myself.

So, how did I get into game design? Well it started in high school. I have always loved video games. My mom told me that when I was born, my dad bought SEGA Genesis and played it with me in his lap. With my love of video games, I thought how cool would it be to make them. I then researched online and found out that there are tons of websites and programs that are made to help beginners make games. I started making games with a game engine called Gamemaker. I kept practicing throughout high school and then decided to go to IUPUI to become a game designer. At school, I started developing my game and met my friend Marcelo. He has helped me design and develop the levels of my game. Speaking of which…

I want to tell you about my new game that I am working on and share some of the planning process I went through. The game is a 2D platformer based on the legend of Robin Hood. I wanted to make this game for two reasons. First, i’m a huge fan of Robin Hood and more importantly I felt there just aren’t any good games about Robin Hood. I saw this as an opportunity to make a fast-paced video game that fans of Robin Hood will love.

After deciding the theme of the game, I had to decide the game engine and art design that i wanted to use. Since i’m making all of the art for the game, I wanted to choose an art style that I was comfortable with, and would allow me to focus on gameplay and character development. I chose a classic pixel art style for this reason. Once I knew the game was going to be pixel art, this meant that it was also going to be 2D. When picking the game engine, I wanted one that suits 2D games, and would be easy to use. Gamemaker Studio was the best choice. This is a popular 2D game engine made for all skill levels (even someone like me with limited programming skills) to be able to make a quality game. I’ll be writing more about my journey in Part 2.

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Part 2

Hey everyone its Joey again! I’m back to explain more about my game ‘Band of Outlaws.’ In my last blog I talked about the game engine, art style, my inspiration and process for the game. In this blog I’m focusing on the actual mechanics of the game and why I chose to design my game this way.

First, movement and combat. For the movement specifically, you have to have tight and fluid movement for 2D platform games. The standards for this style of movement are set by the greatest 2D platformer series ever: Super Mario Brothers. Mario games always feel great to play. You always feel in control of your character. If you die in these games, it’s because YOU as the player screwed up, not the game. That’s the feeling I want someone to get when they play ‘Band of Outlaws’. The style of movement in Mega-Man. This is your classic action platformer movement. I have wall jumping in my game (when the character can jump back and forth off of walls to gain height) that is directly inspired by Mega-Man.







This leads in the combat of the game. In ‘Band of Outlaws’ the player can shoot theor bow and arrow in 8 directions. This is very much like Mega-Man games. The player can shoot while in the air which allows the player more strategic freedom for fighting enemies. These features were added to make the game more fun, which is my number one priority. I also made it so the player can’t jump on enemies to defeat them. This is popular in many 2D, but I didn’t believe it fit my game. Robin and his Merry Men are fighting other human beings. It would be weird if jumping on a person would be able to defeat them.

The last thing I want to cover in this blog is enemy types in the game. When creating enemies, I wanted them to make the player use all of the weapon/game mechanics like shooting in all directions and wall jumping. One of the enemies I developed is a hawk that attacks you from the sky.





Another enemy is a shielded knight. This enemy uses a shield to block arrows so the player has to maneuver around the shield to find a weak spot. It’s essential to master to platforming mechanics.

Well that is all for this blog. I’ll be back with another blog as I finalize the game. See you then!

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