Dev Spotlight #3 – Lindsey Kurkiewicz – Day 2

Spotlight Series

This spotlight is a 5-part series. Learn all about Lindsey Kurkiewicz, her passion for video game artistry, and see her artistic vision for a video game unfold every day this week. If you have question’s you would like to ask Lindsey, speak to the EGL rep at your school.

Day 2 –

So today, I thought I’d share with you guys a glimpse into the world of The Cancerians.  Before I start concepting anything, I always make a mood/reference board. Some choose not to but I, however, am a really organized person and I find it helps me visualize what color compositions I like best, gives me inspiration, and keeps me on track. Pinterest is actually where I go for most of my inspiration collecting. The images are high quality, I find a lot of variety there, and can quickly get a start on what I want the environment to look like just by mixing and matching different pins!  For this specific environment, I looked up a lot of beach areas for landscape reference and colorful patterns for palette ideas.

This place is located on the water surrounded by high, protective cliffs. With Cancer being a water sign, it was a given that the environment concept would have to be close to the ocean. In astrology, Cancer is sensitive and restless, yet very firm. I figured this place represented the Cancerian people well; it has the hard grip and strength of the Cliffside but the calm lulling waters of the ocean. Color palette wise, water is normally cool-toned, but cancers are often warm, nurturing and homey. With that information I decided to mix in some warmer magentas and oranges, bringing the environment full circle, and always relating it back to its connected constellation/storyline.

For the rock and tree concepts, I was just testing things out, so these aren’t final. I silhouetted a few tree/rock combinations and then picked the ones I felt worked best.  The style I went for was semi-realism because it’s also the style I prefer painting my characters in and wanted them to match. I imagined these small environment pieces on the cliff tops, creating more seclusion for the Cancerian ocean grotto. I wanted the pieces to mimic the flexibility of water, have a soft ominous glow, and just overall have a quiet feel about them.

Tomorrow, i’ll share some of the character concepts for the Cancerian people that inhabit the grotto!

Can’t wait, talk to you guys tomorrow!


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