Dev Spotlight #3 – Lindsey Kurkiewicz – Day 3

Spotlight Series

This spotlight is a 5-part series. Learn all about Lindsey Kurkiewicz, her passion for video game artistry, and see her artistic vision for a video game unfold every day this week. If you have question’s you would like to ask Lindsey, speak to the EGL rep at your school. If your question is featured in Lindsey’s video on Friday, you’ll earn an official EGL Tee.

Day 3 –

Hi again,

It’s day three and that means character concepts! I’m still going to be focusing on only one of the signs of the game because twelve is quite a lot to fit into one week; and since I’ve shown you guys some concepts of the Cancerian world, it makes the most sense to show you who inhabits it.

The Cancerian people are a deeply intuitive, emotional, and nurturing race.  Their dusty skin tones usually range from red to blue, some with a mottled coloring to help them camouflage into their surroundings. Their hair is usually the length of their body and is adorned with shells they find along their village border. They have four rounded, glowing eyes, and are the wholesome healers of the zodiac. In their village, both men and women put their healing powers to practice in medicine, crops, fishing, and child rearing. In their downtime, they live a quiet life and enjoy spending time with other members of their village.

The element of water was assigned to Cancer by the Gods and because of this, the Cancerian people are excellent swimmers and are able to manipulate the tides of the ocean. Though they are not natural fighters by any means, they are loyal and love to help. Fighting land battles is not their strong suit, but near water, a Cancerian can call upon the tides, causing major damage to their opponents.

Cancerians wear lightweight, sweeping clothing for flexibility, stealth, and speed; much like the movements of a crab. The Crab is the Cancerian people’s crest. Each sign has one, and it reflects their signs most prominent traits. The Crab, though small, represents the strength and grip the Cancerian people have, and the protection and nurture they provide.

When designing these characters, I knew I wanted to keep them as close to their character description as possible. I chose to keep the colors relatively dark because I wanted the players to feel like the character fit the world from Day 2. Cancer is also the zodiac sign I’m least familiar with, so, I wanted to really do my research on, familiarize myself with, and put my all into these characters! I focused on one of the female versions of the race for time’s sake and included some hair variations and pattern samples.

Tomorrow is my last day of getting to share my work with you guys! I’ll be showing you some weapon silhouettes I created for the game and a mini GIF tutorial of painting a stylized weapon!

Talk to you soon!