Fall 2017



Lend Us Your Passion.

The EGL Team currently works directly with hundreds of students in Indiana and with your help, and passion, we can do much more! 

We are in search of university students who are passionate about assisting others. The EGL Team is comprised of individuals who have different interests. Some of us do not play video games, or get excited about technology in general but we all share a passion to make a positive impact on youth development. We are looking for passion and ambition in our budding EGL Intern program. Being savvy and up to date on technology is a small plus but not requirement.

If you are selected in our first round of interns you will make EliteGamingLIVE history. Not only will you make an impact on EGL and our community but you will be able to interact with many of the administrators, teachers, and community partners we have the pleasure of working alongside.

Tech/Event Mentor

The tech/event mentor will work directly with students at schools in the EGL community to help administer the educational portion of the program. This intern will need to be adept in coding, web programming and have an interest in teaching and tutoring. Codecademy is the platform that the EGL program employs currently so this intern will want to be familiar with codecademy.com.

Focus: Education, Social Work, Event Management

Number of Intern Positions: 4

Commitment: 12-16hrs Per Week (Per Semester)


Our ideal web technician will provide ideas to grow EliteGamingLIVE.com. Not only will these ideas be considered to be used throughout our community but our web techs will be tasked with creating roadmaps for future site features, updating statistics on student profiles, interacting with our student community and more.

Focus: Web Development & Strategy

Number of Intern Positions: 2

Commitment: 4-10hrs Per Week (One Semester)

Graphic Design

Graphic design interns will be tasked with creating unique graphical content for the EGL website, promotional materials used throughout the EGL season., and apparel. Creating designs are important but we are also looking for overall design theme ideas. Put your design prowess on display and build a portfolio for a growing, community driven platform. 

Focus: Project Based Graphic Design

Number of Intern Positions: 2

Commitment: 4-8hrs Per Week (One Semester)