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Stay up to date with new online features for EliteGamingLIVE.com and any EGL apps.

EGL Online Updates

In this thread you will be able to stay up to date on the latest updates and features added to elitegaminglive.com

 EGL Online v1.0 – Season 3.5 / Season 4 / Season 4.5
This release was a stepping stone for the EGL program. Our team had discussed so many ideas on how we would set up the online components. Our focus was on student and school profiles. We researched traditional sports to see if there was anything similar to what we were thinking and there wasn’t. Everything we found had been built for pro leagues of traditional sports.

student profiles alpha
school profiles alpha
leaderboard (static)

 EGL Online v2.0 – Season 5.0 / Season 5.5

Technology & communications overhaul.

student profiles (1.0)
school profiles (1.0)
egl academy (1.0)
bracketology (beta)

…more updates are incoming…