EGL Game Reviews

Submissions from the EGL Team and the EGL Community.

EGL Review Scores

Throughout the EGL Season, team members and occasionally students will submit reviews of some of their favorite games they are playing. These reviews are reflective of the person that submitted the review. In short, if we love a game and rate it very highly that does not mean you will love it too. If we score a game low, you might still enjoy it. The breakdown of EGL Review Scores are below.

Gameplay / Graphics / Features / Replay Value

Gameplay – the higher this rating is, the better the mechanics of the game are. How fluid do the characters (or cars, FPS, etc) move? The more approachable the game is to new players, the higher this rating will be.

Graphics – this category is all about how great the game looks. The art style of the game is also considered. If the game is not trying to look realistic, we will not rate it lower for looking like a cartoon. Frame-rate issues, clipping, and such would theoretically lower this score while nice touches such as interactive and engaged crowds in a sports game, or spectacular draw distance and vistas in an open world game will increase this score.

Features – we love when a game we purchase feels complete and full. This category will take into account the feature-set of a game. If the game seems like it’s not complete, or essential features are missing this score will be negatively effected. On the flip side, if there’s an abundance of features in the game, this will reflect positively in the score. The type of game, and price factors into this category.

Replay Value – the type of game it is will be heavily considered when grading replay value. If it’s a racing game, we should be able to play it for months. A $60 single player game that is over in 6hrs is hard for us to recommend unless it is a legendary experience. Or unless it wasn’t $60.

Gameplay Graphics Features Replay Value
5 5 5 5
4 4 4 4
3 3 3 3
2 2 2 2
1 1 1 1

5 – Outstanding and/or nearly perfect. If any flaws or issues were found, big IF, they did not detract from the experience.

4 – Above average, and exceptional. The development team did a good job in this category.

3 – A solid effort in the category.

2 – The category did not meet expectations, and was somewhat underwhelming.

1 – Very underwhelming and missed expectations by a mile.

If you are interested in a game, whether we review it favorably or not. check it out! Write a review and submit it to EGL when we are at your school for LiveScore.