Our Mission

EGL is a STEM platform that recognizes and rewards students that are passionate about video games and technology, similar to a student that plays a traditional sport. Within our platform, EliteGamingLIVE educates participating students on potential careers in video game design and related technological areas including but not limited to coding, computer programming, and web development. 91% of students play video games, sometimes at the expense of his/her schoolwork. EliteGamingLIVE gives participating student’s a way to stay after school and Play For More.

Traditional student athletes enjoy a number of social, developmental, and academic benefits that positively impact their lives; the encouragement from coaches, parental, all the way to scholarship awards. All student’s need support from their community, their parents, and their peers to reach their full potential in what they are interested in; by fostering educational opportunities through video games we have developed a positive, supportive, and electric community!



EGL participants engage in interscholastic video game competition, just like a traditional athlete. As they compete, they earn LiveScore™ points.  


Throughout each semester students are introduced to skills and career outcomes in gaming and technology. As they learn, they earn LiveScore™ points.  


Students with the highest LiveScore™ totals are invited to represent their respective schools at regional EGL Championships. They compete for scholarships, cash, and awards.

The EGL Platform


Each school that participates in EliteGamingLIVE fields a team comprised of their students in the EGL Championship. These students represent their respective institution as being the most competitive and most engaged educationally throughout the season. A school year is split into two EGL Seasons, culminating at championships in December and May.

EliteGamingLIVE holds events within each school monthly. These events serve as season exhibitions for students. During these exhibitions, students are able to earn LiveScore Points primarily by how they play video games and with completed educational challenges/modules.

Students are ranked based on their earned LiveScore. Top students in each game, at each school, are invited to the EGL Championship to represent his/her school in regional competition. Individual awards (cash, apparel, scholarships*) are given to the school with the most accumulated LiveScore Points at the EGL Championship.

Our championship events are family oriented. Administrators from participating schools, and parents of competing students take the opportunity to support the students seriously: they have never had an opportunity to support the student in this way before. We hold raffles and giveaways for parents, and also give them direct opportunities to critique and/or praise our program by writing reviews and electing to be interviewed.


EGL Staff and interns from local universities go into participating schools to administer monthly exhibition events. During these events students play popular video games competitively with peers and engage in STEM learning. Additionally, EGL students make new friends, have opportunities to get homework help, and contribute to positive school culture.


A students’ objective is to accumulate as many LiveScore™ points as possible over the course of a semester. The most successful EGL participants engage with a gaming and learning balance to qualify for EGL Championships. Additionally, social activities throughout a semester foster camaraderie, good sportsmanship, and give student’s more opportunities to earn LiveScore™.


EGL participants enjoy online features that are typically exclusive to pro sports leagues: dynamic player profiles and real-time leaderboards that spotlight top performers. Students and administrators are able to track their stats and compare LiveScore™ totals with other schools. These online features breed healthy competition and an organic desire to explore STEM education within EliteGamingLIVE. i


Culminating every EGL season is a regional Championship that features top participants program-wide where they compete for scholarships, cash, and EGL awards. These large scale events are incredibly special because parents, schools, and community leaders attend to support students in gaming. Over 70% of EGL participants do not engage in traditional extracurricular activities. EGL is their sport.