Let’s Work Together

There are so many reasons to get involved with EliteGamingLIVE.

Our community consists of:

Over 1500 STEM students
Over 1500 Families
Education Professionals
Collegiate Interns

Below you’ll see the different ways to engage with EGL. We have strong ideas on how we can help a wide range of brand-types, and we would be thrilled to hear your ideas as well.


Becoming an EGL sponsor is an incredible opportunity to promote your brand to a passionate and growing community of families.

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The EliteGamingLIVE Community is comprised of passionate families, educators, and young professionals. Aligning with EGL will provide your brand direct access to powerful engagements online and off.

Some of our strongest relationships have begun on the partnership and collaboration level. Let’s explore how to bring added value to the EGL program and your organization through working together.


If you are a part of or affiliated with an organization that awards grants related to education please inform us of the opportunity.

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The E.M.F.

EliteGamingLIVE has the ability to apply for grant funds through our fiscal sponsor The Educate Me Foundation. If you are a part of or affiliated with an organization, company, or corporation that provides education or technology related grants we would like to hear from you.

Learn more about The Educate Me Foundation by visiting their website here. 


There are fun and fulfilling volunteer opportunities at various EliteGamingLIVE events. Let us know if you would like to help out!

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Event Help


For our larger regional events we are seeking passionate parents and educators that are part of the EGL community to lend a hand.  

Parental feedback is a vital part of the EGL Program Improvement Plan. If you are a parent and would like to share how the program has impacted your student, we would love to engage with you!