Madden 18 Preview

  • August 22nd, 2017

It’s almost my favorite time of the year, Maddeonoliday!! That’s right in just a few short weeks the annual installment of the greatest video game franchise of all time, John Madden football, will grace store shelves and game consoles nationwide. This means new playbooks, new rosters (full ratings finally available online) new money plays and new complaints. Whats not to be excited about?

For me personally the most exciting of the new features are the 3 different game modes. For those of you unaware, in Madden 18 there are 3 game modes available for head to head play; arcade, simulation and competitive. Now as a “tournament player” and broadcaster for competitive Madden naturally I am most excited about the new competitive mode. According to Rex Dickson and the guys over at EA “this is where User stick skills are king and certain outcomes will be heavily weighted based on game situations and rating thresholds” and goes on to rave “Executing gameplay mechanics and making the right reads dictate success when playing Competitive.” Now THAT sounds like my kind of John!

The improvements that most catch my eye are the AI improvements in practice mode. No longer will the offense snap the ball while a user is making defensive adjustments. This means us “labbers” and practice mode junkies will be able to set up our exotic blitzes and coverage defenses with or without a second controller, something the competitive community has been asking about for years. I would also group into this the news that in the competitive mode, the CPU AI will no longer swat the ball when no receivers are in the area and instead will go for the interception.

Madden has always been an animation dominant game, whether that dominant animation was a swerve, an aggressive catch, a rocket catch, a double juke, ballhawk etc. This year we see the new Target Passing system and penalties for holding Y/  triangle defensively and I can’t wait to see how that will affect the animation domination. Bundle this news with the 4k graphics available via the Xbox One X and PS4 Pro, the new “myplayer”-esque LONGSHOT mode, the HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of dollars awarded by EA in the Challenge Series, and gamers are on a crash course for the best season of John Madden…ever?