Season 5 Regional Championship Recap

The culmination of Season 5 took place Saturday, May 13 @ Belzer Middle School

Event Stats

  • 10 Central Indiana Schools
  • 127 Students
  • 141 Parents, Family, and Educators
  • Runtime: 4pm-930pm

Mario Kart

1st Place Preston Hacker (Westfield Middle School)

2nd Place Alexander Marquez (Belzer Middle School)

Super Smash Bros

1st Place David Hughes (Shortridge Magnet High School)

2nd Place Duncan Kane (Westfield High School)


1st Place Quinton Gray Jr. (Cathedral High School)

2nd Place Kameron Carter (Belzer Middle School)


1st Place Caleb VanVooken (Fishers Jr. HS)

2nd Place Martin Galvan (Belzer Middle School)


1st Place Jonathan Galvez (Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center)

2nd Place Mark Hill (Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center)